Tuesday, March 14, 2006

White industrie Eccentric hub

There are many solutions for transforming a regularvertical drop-outs equipped mountain bike to a single-speed. First, you can be lucky so your chainstay/chainring/sprocket combinaison is exactly want you need to obtain the right chain tension. Or you can toy with differents gears until it fits. For this, you have to be quite flexible on the gear size you can propel. A popular solution is to add a chain tensioner. It works like a derailleur, but at my opinion, itdisturb the single-speed harmony and a bit of the efficiency (the Paul component version is pictured here). A better looking alternative is the White Industrie Eccentric hub. It's axle can move reporting to the frame, so a perfect chain tension can be achived. It cost 159 US$ Finally, a more radical alternative for steel frames is to change the drop-outs for horizontal ones. This may cost around 40$ in material and 200$ in labor, plus a new paint job. At my opinion, all these alternative are far from perfect. A better idea would be to sale the frame and to buy a single-speed specific one. Why not? Maybe it is time for a new baby!


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