Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cervelo R3 team

A week ago, I reviewed Cervelo's Soloist on June 12 nd saying that it wasn't the most confortable bike around, mostly because of its oval seatpost. Those wanting exceptionnal lightness and comfort should look at the R3. This bike have unbelivable thin seatstays that are designed to easily bend to give a comfortable ride. Don't be fooled, this bike is plenty stiff, thanks of massive squared downtube and chainstays. The manufacturer says that this is the best shape to resist lateral bending, compared to a round tube which is better to resist twisting. In their website, Cervelo criticized round tube as they are flexy laterally. This prove than only stupid persons don't change their mind since in their beginning, Cervelo promoted heavily round chainstays as they were stiffer than verticaly ovalized one. This isn't the most aerodynamic bike around, but I think that comfort is important for most of us, or for winning the bumpy Paris-Roubaix, as Castarella did this year on a R3.

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Anonymous said...

It's Cancellera who won the Paris Roubaix, not Castarella