Monday, June 12, 2006

Cervelo' Solosit Carbon

Admit it Cervelos are the lighest, stiffest, hottest bikes around. Not to mention having won the 2006 Giro and Paris-Roubaix! The soloist is one of the most amazing piece of rolling carbon I ever saw. All tubes are extensively aero-shaped, while still being so light than some setup oblige the racer to use heavier deep rimed aero wheels. The bottom bracket area is simply huge, as you can appreciate on the frame Ivan Basso is holding. This is the only consession the a full aero design that Cervelo maked. However, the company said that it don't distrurbe the air flow much, because it is already very disturbed by the crankset and the front wheel. This frame is so stiff and aerodynamical that some CSC racers use it for time-trial. (Which is quite surprising since these racers have a dedicated P3 TT machine!). At 5000$, frame-only, it is not for everyone. Those who don't want to spend as much for a bike than for a car so look at the Aluminium Soloist. Slightly heavier, but still very aero, it can become the ultimate TT or triathlon machine by reversing the oval shaped seatpost. It cost 1500$, but it's a real deal, since you get 2 top performing bikes for the price one! However, I heard that the oval seatpost don't give much, so it is the most confortable ride around.

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