Tuesday, December 20, 2005

AWD bicycle

There are several AWD bike design out there. Some use a scary combinaison of chains. Others use cables to propel the front wheel. I never saw a AWD bike design a clean a those from Christini bikes. The idea is tho use a shaft to transfert power to the front wheel. The shaft runs in the frame and the fork, with a clutch located in the headset. What is quite amazing is that this design allow the use of modern suspension design and parts, like you would find on any high-end bikes. This bike use proprietary hubs, headset and a custom-made White Bros. fork. It should be really tough, since a motorcycle version is made! The complete setup add 2.3 lbs and an XT/XTR full suspension bike is about 3700 USD. Not bad, when you see this marvel of engineering and machining. Idea: use the shaft drive to make a completly enclosed sealed maintenance-free drivetrain for real mountain bike use. Pictures: manufacturer website: http://www.christini.com/


ROhan said...

Awesome blog dude !!

There are a bunch of here in Bangalore, who are re-discovering bicycling and using the bicycle regularly and I must say it completely rocks ..

keep up the good work.

BC said...

great review... that setup does seem kinda heavy, and people keep trying to make a 2-wheel drive system that works, but nothing seems to be working yet... this is the closest I've seen yet...

I'm still not sure that bikes NEED 2-wheel drive, but hey, it works for jeeps!