Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dean interchangeable drop-outs

These days, there is a lot of hype toward single-speed bikes. They are just about everyware. It is a kind of conter-culture against the complexity of todays mountain bikes. I think that they are a good thing since you spend less time maintaining and more time riding. BUT, I'm I interested in purchasing a bike with such a limited usage? What if a want gears in about 5 years? The solution can be purchasing a normal frame and adding a chain tension adjuster. But this is a looser solution. What if a could change the drop-outs the suit my attitude toward gears? The Dean's drop-outs address this problem. They are fully interchangeable. And not to expensive at 50$ per set. Not so bad, since they are titanium. Another benefit is that they can be completly changed in the case of a crash, for the price it would have costed for a simple poorly shifting replacable derailleur hanger. If I would have to money to buy a Dean, sure that I would pay a premium for these drop-outs. And on all my bike. Why not converting a road racer to a track bike for the end of the season. Or having a single-speed at spring when it is so muddy that gears don't change anyway. That is very great design.

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