Monday, December 12, 2005

Sealed parts reflexion

Components makers have started a good move these days. They are moving from the racing type a parts to a more board type a riding type. Shimano Hone group is a good exemple. It is made to be very tough, but not to heavy like it Saint counterpart. A group for everybody. It should displace LX, which could be marketed now as a group for racers on the budget. I'm glad to see that manufacurer make such a move. They have solved one of the greatest problem of mountain biking: solidity. But I urge them to look at another big issue: contamination. It is quite amazing to see that a bike a almost always covered by dust and mud and that most of its parts are not sealed. The whole drivetrain is completly exposed, which cause awesome wear and a lot of maintenance. My ratio is 4 h biking: 1h washing and fixing. This could be solved by good engineering. One exemple is Jagwire Raincoat. It seals the housing for about 10$ per bike and now cables and housing can last more than a season, which a a big leap forward. Why not sealing derailleur pivot and cage? Protecting the chain? It is possible.

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