Saturday, December 17, 2005


Why are we obliged to shift with both hands? Having two derailleurs to choose from makes us doing chain-crosses and no-so efficient shifts. Why are drivetrains marketed with 27 gears when there is just about 14 usable ones? Synchro-shift was made to address this problems. You keep your regular derailleurs, both the shifter takes care of which gear selection is optimal. It has barrels that accuate both derailleurs as you turn the grip. No more big-big, small-small combinaison. The shifter shift the front and rear derailleurs in tandem to have a real ''sequential'' shifter. The chain can be shortened. This is good, BUT: if the rear D is reliable under tension, but the front isn't. In sketchy situations, I will avid to shift up-front because I'm not sure of the result. You can't choose that with the syncro-shift. Shifting up-front is a good thing if you what a big change, like just before a big climb preceded by a downhill. Altrough Syncro-shift have a racing team and an titanium racing unit, I rather keep these shifters for commuting or idealy for my girlfriend. She's the perfect consummer for synchro-shift: someone who don't know how to shift. Great design, but with limitations.

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