Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bamboo bike

I always wanted to build a bike. Since my uncle is a composite engineer, we had the project to build a bike out off a pressure-treated cedar-carbone laminate. Then I went to college, so the project was postponed. This guy succeed in building a very clean looking bamboo bike. Composite are just a mix of two materials. Bamboo is not an exception since it is a mix of two natural structure that are the arteries and the veins of the tree: the xyleme and the phloeme (not sure it is written this way in English). Bamboo are around since the beginning of the 20th century, when they were lighter and stronger then their steel conterparts. Since this bamboo bike is around 4 pounds, I'm pretty sure that this number can be lowered by some optimisation and sanding. Anyway, the strengh of this design is its beautifulness, not the mention the shock-damping proprieties of the bamboo!
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openman said...

so visualy appealing and presumably scratch then rust immune.
Please consider developing it as a kit for sale to bamboo producing regions of the world for self assembly. "The Philippines ?"